Welcome to Extended Stay America

Since our first hotel nearly 30 years ago, every decision we make is for the extended stay. We pioneered the extended stay business model by efficiently operating our own properties and attracting long-term travelers. Our hotels outperformed the overall lodging industry in recent years, showing incredible resilience in challenging economic times. At over 700 hotels, we are the largest independent extended stay company in the United States.

Now is the time to capitalize on the demand for extended stay hotels and franchise with a proven leader. Whether you are building or converting a hotel, getting started with a strong foundation is essential. Leverage our established strategies and specialized expertise in every aspect of the extended stay business to support your goals and return on investment.

Champion of the extended stay traveler

Our customers represent a diverse mix of economic sectors, including essential workers, corporate clients and travelers who are in transition.


Construction, oil
and gas

Our hotels meet the needs of project crews and are in proximity to many job sites.
Military, government & education

Military, government and education

Affordable temporary options near many colleges and military bases.
Medical Professionals

Medical Professionals

Traveling healthcare workers on assignment for extended periods of time.
In transition


A short-term solution for families relocating for a job or moving homes.
IT and small business travelers

IT and small
business travelers

Business professionals on longer-term project assignments.


Families on vacation or sports teams seeking a home away from home.

Our extended stay business model is the foundation for strong returns

We’ve mastered the art of high occupancy from long-term travelers for more predictable revenue to minimize the operating expenses and impact the bottom line in our own properties.

left business model

Commercial support from an experienced Extended Stay team

Our national sales and marketing teams are focused on attracting long-term travelers and driving direct channel revenue at a lower cost.

Our national sales team targets corporate and project-based businesses with the goal of booking 7+ night length of stays.
We target extended stay travelers to drive direct traffic and bookings through national marketing efforts.
Extended Perks Program
Extended Perks Program
Our membership program has no points and is no cost to franchisees.
Call Direct Service
Call Direct Service
Our call center answers external guest calls on behalf of your property. There is no cost to franchisees.